A later, Silk Road Returns; Is Bitcoin in Bed with Bad Guys month?

A later, Silk Road Returns; Is Bitcoin in Bed with Bad Guys month?

An average product sales web page from the Silk that is original Road now rebuilt; the site sells unlawful drugs, tools, and more.

Just one month after the FBI seized and shut straight down Silk path the world wide web website understood as the Amazon.com of drugs, weapons and worse it is back. Yup, into the annals of criminal history, this 1 has to be up there in the chutzpah department; it’s like the capabilities behind the site are totally thumbing their collective noses at U.S. authorities that are federal.

Are Bitcoins and Silk Road Founders Aligned?

Also more shocking, new allegations connect Silk Road’s founder Ross William Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts until their FBI takedown last month towards the still publicly unidentified initial creator of Bitcoins, the digital money exclusively utilized to fund illegal products and services on the old and now brand new site.

The allegations came to light after two Israeli scientists one a cryptographer readied a paper that is soon-to-be-published claims that the FBI seizure in fact only got their hands on about 22 percent of the $80 million in commissions Ulbricht’s web site had garnered from sales of an estimated $1.2 billion; product sales on everything including assault weapons to illegal narcotics of any kind and even for hit men services for hire.

Dorit Ron and Adi Shamir would be the two researchers that have brought these allegations to light, inco Continue reading “A later, Silk Road Returns; Is Bitcoin in Bed with Bad Guys month?”

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Allows for Delayed Revere Vote

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Allows for Delayed Revere Vote

A 3-D rendering associated with proposed Suffolk Downs casino, now planned for Revere with partner Mohegan Sun (Image: Wendy Maeda/Boston Globe)

They state the home constantly wins, and appropriate now, prospective casino operators Suffolk Downs and Mohegan Sun are undoubtedly for a winning streak in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission unanimously authorized a waiver to the deadline that is standing operators to register applications including certified referendum results from their host communities by the end of the season.

Year more Time, Next

That December 31 deadline had been going to be a problem that is real the Suffolk Downs casino proposal. A chance to build a casino solely on land in the town of Revere, it also agreed that the original vote taken earlier this year was for a substantially different proposal while the gaming commission was willing to allow the race track and partner Mohegan Sun. As such, a new vote was needed one which would not manage to be held prior to the year-end deadline.

Your choice was one which the panel said they made within an attempt to be since fair as possible to all sides. On November 5, both East Boston and Revere voted on whether to accept a Suffolk Downs casino that would have been primarily and very nearly entirely located on the Boston side of the border involving the two communities. East Boston residents voted against that proposition, while Continue reading “Massachusetts Gaming Commission Allows for Delayed Revere Vote”

Twas the Night associated with the Living Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Is a Good Bet

Twas the Night associated with the Living Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Is a Good Bet

Might the Zombie Apocalypse arrive on Xmas Day? You’ll bet on it! (Image: zombieapocalypse.com)

Every year punters spot bets on whether or not they’ll get up up to a blanket that is snowy their roads on Christmas morning. It’s the old romantic in each of us that dreams intensely about this scenic backdrop to a joyous day, surrounded by our liked ones and overeating with the Christmas trimmings, cannibalizing and distributing our infectious zombie disease. Wait. What?

Betting on Zombies

While some are gambling on a white Christmas time, UK bookmaking giant Ladbrokes is offering chances of 2000/1 on this yuletide being the commencement of the Zombie Apocalypse. That is clearly a nice, festive idea to have, and beats the odds they provide for football team Crystal Palace winning the Premier League this year at 5000/1. Speak about harmful gambling.

‘we are quite confident that the odds of a Zombie Apocalypse at 2000/1 are correct, and although the public should exert caution over the Christmas period, they ought not to be unduly concerned about the undead rising up to attack and consume the living,’ announced Alex Donohue, a spokesman for the Ladbrokes bookmaker.

Chances on a white Christmas time currently stand at 5/1, which really is a much better chance compared to those offered on the doomsday coming associated with undead, and you are more likely in order to claim your winnings after a bit Continue reading “Twas the Night associated with the Living Dead: Zombie Apocalypse Is a Good Bet”

National On Line Gambling Bills Introduced to Congress

National On Line Gambling Bills Introduced to Congress

Yet another bill is introduced to Congress online that is regarding; but does it pass?

We’ve talked a lot about how America is likely to be waiting for a time before they get any action that is federal online gambling regulation. That’s still likely true, but it isn’t because of an absence of bills that may do the task.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last week, Representative Jim McDermott (D-Washington) introduced a bill that could once again manage on the web gambling at the federal level, splitting tax revenues between the states that players live in additionally the federal government. That bill joins two more introduced previously this present year by Representatives Peter King (R-New York) and Joe Barton (R-Texas), all of which are variations on the theme that is same federal oversight and legislation of at the very least some forms of on line gambling.

McDermott’s bill is truly compatible with King’s effort. The McDermott bill would enforce exactly how the income tax distribution from online gambling would work, with 12 cents of each and every dollar deposited apparently being collected by governments at different levels. Two-thirds of the money would head to hawaii or tribe where in actuality the gambler is playing, while the other third would go to the government that is federal.

The bill is more comprehensive than the Barton bill, which would just use to internet poker. States would be able to choose in or from the Continue reading “National On Line Gambling Bills Introduced to Congress”