You understand Why ladies in South Korea are cutting ‘the corset’

You understand Why ladies in South Korea are cutting ‘the corset’

South Korean YouTube celebrity Lina Bae expected some negative reviews whenever she switched from publishing make-up tutorials to stripping her face bare.

just just What she don’t expect were death threats.

The 21-year-old idea difficult about her decision. She ended up being concerned it could be duplicitous for somebody who often provides beauty ideas to upload a video clip advertising the concept of not having it.

But her overwhelming thought ended up being that it absolutely was time and energy to just take a stand.

“we think large amount of Korean women can be using an ‘appearance-corset’,” she told the BBC.

“they’ve this fear that is immense of face they show to other people. We heard that ladies feel particularly shameful if they hear that they’re unsightly. I became that way too.”

Over five million individuals have viewed her video clip as she peels down her fake eyelashes and wipes away her cherry-red lipstick. Thousands offered their help. But others established attacks that are personal.

“specific individuals stated things like, ‘you’re not really attempting anyhow’ and ‘a corset would not also fit you’. There have been also death threats saying that they can come find me personally and destroy me personally,” she stated.

“for a time once I received that death danger, I became scared of making the home.”

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