Amaya Set to Expand Array of DC Comics-Inspired Casino Games

WSOP Ladies Event Now Officially Open to Men: For a Price

The battle happens to be ongoing in the poker world for years: should females be aware of special tournaments simply for them in an effort to encourage more to play the overall game, or does that philosophy reek of affirmative action, and both condescension and accommodation within an unfair method? a current decision by the World Series of Poker (WSOP) administration about the matter has drawn both applause and fire from poker players everywhere: with this 12 months’s upcoming women event, they’ll charge a $10,000 buy-in, but offer any women who perform a $9,000 discount, bringing the particular buy-in down to its normal $1,000 amount. Any males who want to barge in will have to do so aided by the full $10,000 bankroll during the cashier’s window, nonetheless.

Why the Discount Structure?

The move comes after several years of handfuls of males playing the Ladies event, and WSOP’s arms being associated with keep them out, as that might be considered discriminatory under Nevada gaming law. Not unlawful, it seems, is offering discounts that are promotional certain events nevertheless, and that loophole is what WSOP has taken advantage of along with their ladies’ ‘discount’ for 2013. And while players may argue concerning the relative merits of keeping an all-female poker event alive, WSOP management is unequivocal in their intention to help keep it an all women’s competition, or at least make it extremely expens Continue reading “Amaya Set to Expand Array of DC Comics-Inspired Casino Games”

Can a witness is got by me? Adelson going back once again to Court in Breach Case

It’s No Go Ho for MGM Resorts. Maybe Vietnam will likely be Asia’s first big bust gambling community things aren’t looking cheery for the MGM Ho Tram Strip these days ( only for want of the ‘p’ are the jokes on that name not endless).

In accordance with A securities that is recent and Commission (SEC) filing, MGM Resorts International exercised its straight to terminate their agreement to manage the home based on a not enough pre-opening milestones having been achieved as of March 1, 2013. The task is partially owned by Las Vegas-based Pinnacle Entertainment.

Bad Bet

The story began in August of 2011, with Pinnacle purchasing a $95 million stake in Asian Coast Development, with Harbinger Capital Partners being almost all owner. Pinnacle had been a 23 per cent stakeholder; apparently, that was not a harbinger of good things to come.

By 2012, Pinnacle had already written off $25 million on the investment, caused by delays. A prominent gaming safety analyst, Chad Beynon of Macquarie Securities, told investors he expected that Pinnacle could well just take even more write-offs on the Vietnamese property.

‘The fact that MGM Hospitality will no longer be associated using this project will greatly detract from the success associated with resort/casino,’ said Beynon in a report that is recent. ‘MGM perhaps not only provided a global brand name, but it had been also a significant part of the design and vision of this phase that is first. It remains unclear that will actually manage Continue reading “Can a witness is got by me? Adelson going back once again to Court in Breach Case”